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Reprogramming old habits

old habits

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Contrary to popular belief, sustainable living isn’t about giving up all the things you love for a minimal lifestyle. It is about being environmentally conscious and a pursuit in taking the small steps needed to help the planet. At Hyundai, we call these Save&Save hacks – and to put them to the test, we challenged four people from across the globe to try them out for three days. And our journey continues with Barnett.

The IT pro that hacked
his life.

Barnett Andersson, 46

Stepping out of the box

From 9-5, Barnett is an IT professional. He has the mind of the problem-solver which is why he’s always looking to shrink his carbon footprint and fatten up his savings. But he’s no stranger to a few glitches along the way. Nobody’s perfect, but with Hyundai’s Save&Save hacks he’s excited to take on the challenge of upgrading his life.

Day One:
Charged up and
ready to go

The first day of Barnett’s challenge seemed like any other, that is, until a wave of errors swept across the office. Having to dash from desk to desk, checking data on his phone meant his battery was drained in a flash.

Enter Save&Save hack #1: charging in airplane mode. It’s a simple one that most of us miss, and with less time plugged in to the wall we drain less unnecessary energy! Within minutes, his phone was juiced up and the glitches were shut down. Even a seasoned pro has room for a few upgrades.

Charged up and ready to go
Desk to desk
Charging in airplane mode

Day Two:
Working hard
for a reward

The field of IT can often feel stressful and repetitive, so getting away for a while is essential. We challenged Barnett to get away for the day and refresh without leaving a carbon footprint. “Hiking has always been a long-time passion of mine”, he reveals, “but today I feel like new hunting grounds and I want to go further afield. I’m going out on my mountain bike!”. Jumping into the saddle Barnett set off up a trail that took him on a 50km loop around the hills that mask the local horizon.

The hard work soon sets in and before long the first beads of sweat appear on Barnett’s forehead. Working hard to gain elevation along the trail, today’s session may take 4 hours but the benefits of lowering stress and burning excess energy are going to pay dividends. Reaching home in time for a late lunch Barnett reveals “Wow, what a workout! Getting outdoors and working for it feels so great and I guess nothing beats lowering that carbon footprint!”.

Mask the local horizon
Burrowing deep within the boxes

Day Three:
A spark of

Living at home with his young family, Barnett has amassed a surplus of items, all in storage around his house. So we challenged Barnett to unearth some of the items that he kept in the attic and find a new use for them. “When I was younger I used to play football and kept a shirt from every team I played for” he explained. “Some of them have been up there in boxes for 10 years!”. Taking out the stepladder Barnett trudged up the steps to the attic.

Burrowing deep within the boxes he re-emerged with a handful of shirts, “These would look great in the games room. I think I can cover one of the armchairs in there”. Recruiting some extra pairs of hands, the whole family came to help and started cutting and sewing the shirts together. Before you knew it the old armchair was transformed into memories of his former glory years. “Reusing these old shirts was a great idea, it gives the room more character and there are some great memories now too.”

A spark of inspiration

With a bit of thought lowering my carbon footprint was pretty simple. BARNETT ANDERSSON


Hyundai &

Sustainable innovation is at the very core of what Hyundai Motor Company believes in. That’s why we’re working hard to make reducing your carbon footprint easier in every way possible.
A stand-out example? How about roof-mounted solar panels that charge your car for as long as the sun is shining. Now that’s a bright idea.


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